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"The day before my partner and I met we both soaked up a beautiful big pink moon. I rode to the beach and sat in the sand to watch the moonrise over the ocean. My partner rode his motorbike for hours under that same moon." 

This is a little mini 3 part series and they beautiful as a set or on their own.



Each piece is printed to order to prevent waste so please allow around 1 week before shipping.


50 in each edition. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Each print comes complete with a certificate of authenticity.


FREE SHIPPING within Australia & New Zealand ONLY


Postage to other countries currently suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions. Sorry for any dissapointment or inconvenience caused.


Whilst these unframed prints will fit into standard store-bought frames, professional framing is recommended.

 *Please note this product is a print only and does NOT include frame.

Pink Moon I

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