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48x16" original painting. Botanical abstract - mixed media on custom hand stretched canvas. This piece is framed in a beautiful Tasmanian Oak box frame. 2020. Ready to hang.


"In my early 20's I bought a Caravan and lived in a tiny remote coastal town on the North Coast of NSW, Australia with my dog, Duckie. I worked at the local native nursery and we did a lot of bush revegetation. We used to venture into the surrounding National Parks to collect seed. We would plant the seeds or cuttings, grow them up and then plant them back out into the bush and along the sand dunes to try hold the sand in place and avoid erosion. Lilly-pilly's, pigface, happy wanderer, spinafex and more. I also was lucky enough to learn a lot about bush tucker from Dennis, the kind old knowledgable man who ran the nursery. I have fond memories of the dark, stormy skies and big black cockatoos overhead squawking and carrying on in the big old Banksia trees. They would always come out just before a big rain. I also have memories of a few big snakes along the way!"


FREE SHIPPING within Australia & New Zealand ONLYdue to COVID-19 restrictions. Sorry for any dissapointment or inconvenience caused.


Limited prints will not be made of this piece.

Feeding Wild Cockatoos

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