"Rainbows. The rainbows in Western Australia were AMAZING. In my 20’s I spent three seasons tree planting along the remote ‘Rainbow Coast’ in W.A. - it was a tough gig. Camping (sometimes with no power), working through all weather walking around 20kms a day on rough terrain for sometimes weeks on end without a day off. A battery powered quick shower, a hot meal and a beer at the end of the day were next level ha! I loved working and living on the land. If we got a day off we would go 4WD driving in the troopy exploring remote beaches with only animal tracks in sight. Looking back I’m not actually sure how I did it but the experience was priceless and the memories are now forged through colour and texture into my art."


Each piece is printed to order to prevent waste so please allow around 1 week before shipping.


50 in each edition. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Each print comes complete with a certificate of authenticity.


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Whilst these unframed prints will fit into standard store-bought frames, professional framing is recommended.

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Dingo & the Emu